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Juvenile Crime

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Dolan Law Offices handles all types of Juvenile Court Matters.The Juvenile Court handles three kinds of cases: Delinquency, Status Offenses, and Child Abuse/Neglect.

Juvenile Delinquency involves cases where children (under 18 years of age in most instances) have committed violations of the law that if committed by an adult would be considered crimes.Juvenile Status Offenses are offenses concerning non-Criminal behaviors that are illegal because of a child’s age.

These behaviors are not illegal for adults. For example, typical Status Offenses are Truancy and Running Away from Home.Child Abuse/Neglect cases involve abuse and neglect in family situations where the Juvenile Court intervenes to protect children’s interests.


Childrens rights issues arise in many contexts, from their right to representation in abuse and neglect cases to their rights when charged with violating the law. This can vary from advocating the best interests of the child by arguing for removal from the home to safeguard the child from harmful circumstances, or arguing for remaining in the home for rehabilitative purposes rather than removal for purposes of punishment. Childrens rights encompass as broad a spectrum as those of adults, but are more complicated because children are less able than adults to advocate their own interests.

Delinquency proceedings comprise cases in which juveniles are charged with committing an act that would be a crime if committed by an adult. Juvenile law has received considerable attention in recent years. Following several landmark United States Supreme Court decisions, many changes were made in the juvenile court system. As a result, children are now afforded greater due process protections, which include many of the same rights granted to adult offenders in the criminal court system, such as the right to notice and hearing, confront witnesses, free from self-incrimination, and to have an attorney. The juvenile court system differs from the adult system in one critical respect in that the focus of juvenile court is rehabilitation, whereas in adult court there is greater emphasis on punishment.

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