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Palm Desert Drug Defense Attorney

Palm Desert Drug Defense Attorney

The consequences of a conviction for a serious felony drug offense can be severe. Whether you face federal charges for international trafficking, or state felony charges for meth lab operations and intent to distribute, you are going to need serious criminal defense experience on your side. Charges involving the manufacture, transport and sale or distribution of controlled substances are felonies in California. A conviction can result in long prison sentences, even for first-time offenders. If you are a resident alien, drug felony charges can lead to related charges that could result in deportation. In addition, if you are a parent, it is also possible that drug felony charges could lead to the removal of your children because of child endangerment. Let Dolan Law Offices help with a Palm Desert drug defense attorney.

If you have been charged with a serious felony drug charge, in federal or state court, you need a attorney fighting to protect your rights and your future right away.

The Dolan Law Offices has Palm Desert drug defense attorney with experience you need to help you get the best possible outcome for your drug charges. Under California’s three strikes law, if you have previous felony convictions on your record, you may be you may be fighting to stay out of prison for the rest of your life. The Dolan Law Offices provides legal advice and representation for residents of the Palm Desert region and communities throughout the region. We guarantee our efforts to fight for the best possible outcome for your drug felony charges.

You may not have to go to prison

The courts and prosecutors aren’t always interested in throwing you in prison if you are convicted on a drug felony charge. We will carefully evaluate your case for preparing a defense that could help you become eligible for a Proposition 36 treatment program or deferred entry of judgment. Completing a drug rehabilitation program may mean that the conviction is removed from your record.
Alternatives to jail may include:

  • Electronic monitoring
  • Work release or work furlough
  • Private/paid jail
  • Alcohol or drug rehabilitation
  • Sober Living/counseling

Contact us to learn more about how a Bar Certified Palm Desert drug defense attorney can make a difference for your drug felony charges defense.