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Palm Desert Lewd Conduct Defense Attorney

Palm Desert Lewd Conduct Defense Attorney

Lewd Conduct in a public place is categorized as a sex crime. Don’t be fooled into thinking that we are an enlightened society. Lewd conduct charges are actively prosecuted. Conviction for lewd conduct can not only result in stiff fines, but may result in jail time, even for the first offense. Contat us for a Palm Desert Lewd Conduct Defense Attorney at Donlan Law Offices.

A conviction for lewd conduct may impair your professional license and ruin your career. Worse, in June 2004, the California Supreme Court reversed itself and determined that a simple misdemeanor lewd conduct conviction is subject to lifetime registration as a sex offender, the same as other sex crimes.

Fight back! There are defenses to lewd conduct about which you may be unaware. Undercover officers routinely solicit sex and fabricate charges against you.

You need an experienced attorney who can protect your rights and defend you against the power of the state, false witnesses, and self-righteous law enforcement.

California Penal Code on Lewd Acts

California Penal Code Section 314 PC states that if an individual knowingly exposes his or her genitals or breasts in public, offending others, he or she has violated the law and will be punished accordingly. This crime is a misdemeanor and is punishable by up to one year in custody.

California Penal Code Section 647(A) PC states that if a person solicits another person, or who engages in lewd or sexual conduct in a public place, can be charged with this crime. In most cases this crime is charged when a person has some sort of sexual activity in a public park or in a parked car. In some cases there are police sting operations to apprehend people for this charge.

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John Patrick Dolan has spent 30 years dealing with charges of criminal sexual abuse, lewd conduct, and molestation. As a criminal defense lawyer experienced in sex crimes, he can best defend you against overzealous prosecutors, and protect your rights. He can properly advise you about this complex area of law, and help you avoid the pitfalls awaiting the unwary. He is an expert sex offense lawyer who provides sound counsel to his clients.

If you are being investigated for or have been accused of rape, lewd conduct, molestation, or other sex crimes, contact Certified California Palm Desert Lewd Conduct Defense Attorney John Patrick Dolan, an expert attorney experienced in sex crimes defense, or call at  760-775-3739 or 562-824-4007. He will fight for your freedom!