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Prominent Criminal Defense Attorney in Palm SpringsIf you have been arrested or suspect that you may be charged with a crime in Palm Springs or in the surrounding areas, you need to contact the Law Offices of John Patrick Dolan immediately. Do not delay.  Waiting can only complicate your case or at worst, cause irreparable damage to your case.

John Patrick Dolan is a top defense attorney who has not only defended successfully complex death penalty cases, he has defended minor misdemeanors and traffic tickets.  No case is too big or too small.  Attorney Dolan has been asked to comment by major news agencies on current high-profile criminal cases.

Palm Springs Crime Statistics

There are approximately 45,575 residents in Palm Springs. According to a recent study, there are on average a total of  256 violent crimes and 2309 property crimes in Palm Springs for the year 2011. Violent crimes include anything from murder & manslaughter, rape, robbery, and assault. Property crimes seemingly the most common type of crime in Palm Springs include burglary, theft, auto theft and arson. Remember you are innocent until proven guilty of any crime.   Call the criminal defense law offices of John Patrick Dolan to get the best defense representation in court.

Have you been arrested? Contact our Palm Springs criminal law specialistHave You Been Arrested?

An arrest can be a very traumatic experience, it has the potential to completely alters the perception people have of you; your employer, friends and family included. It is vital for you to seek council as soon as possible for law enforcement has the ability to hold you for a mandated period of time that can lapse from a few days to months to years. Criminal defense attorney John Patrick Dolan understand the courts and the law in Palm Springs and surrounding areas. Criminal charges is definitely not an area of law you want to venture in alone. No matter what the charges are, DUI, theft, domestic violence, drug charge, sex crimes attorney Dolan is ready to defend you.

The following is a list of events you can expect to happen after an arrest:

  1. Booking: At this stage you are in a police station where your finger prints and mug shot are taken. It is important to stay calm and politely ask to be allowed to call your attorney.
  2. Charges Are Presented: An arraignment is the next step, you go before a judge who formally reads the charges against you and informs you of your rights. Once the charges are made it is the prosecutors job to find you guilty.
  3. Secure An Attorney: Everything that comes hereafter will be very difficult to do alone, you need an experienced attorney to set up a defense for you to be presented during trial in front of a judge and a jury of your peers.

Arrested on Vacation?

Top DUI Defense Attorney in Coachella ValleyEvery year during holidays or important events hundreds or people end up arrested. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a music festival that bring about people from all over the nation.  A total of 90 people were arrested for the three-day Coachella 2013 on mostly alcohol related charges. Getting arrested is not on any vacationer’s agenda, so what can you do?  Attorney Dolan may be able to appear for you without delaying your return home.

In no circumstances can you leave the area and expect the citation to simply go away. These matters will follow you home and, sooner or later you will be required to respond or appear. If you are charged with a criminal offense while visiting Palm Springs, or any location in our California Desert area, it is important for you to contact a criminal law specialist who has the ability to protect your rights and freedom.

He can fight for your rights here while you carry on with your life at home. He has devoted his practice to criminal defense and has aided many people just like you who were visiting and vacationing near Palm Springs. He can represent you and may even be able to get your case dismissed without you having to appear in court.

Experienced Palm Springs Criminal Law Specialist

John Patrick Dolan has received the AV rating and is an experienced DUI defense attorney and a California Bar Certified Specialist in Criminal Law who knows the system and can help you obtain the best results possible or defend you in trial. We guarantee our efforts to fight for the best possible outcome for your DUI charges. Contact us for a free consultation about starting an aggressive, effective defense right away. We provide legal advice and representation for residents of the Palm Springs region and communities throughout California’s desert area.

Call now for a free consultation with criminal defense specialist John Patrick Dolan. He is available in his Palm Springs office at (760) 775-3739 or on his cell (562) 824-4007.