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Sexual Misconduct in the Workplace

Sex Crime & Sexual Misconduct Defense Lawyer

Palm Springs Sexual Misconduct LawyerWhat is Sexual Misconduct?

Sexual misconduct in the workplace can be a very serious matter. A professional environment is expected to maintain a certain level of decorum. Certain jokes and behaviors though appropriate amongst friends or in less formal settings can be considered inappropriate, or even offensive when exhibited in the workplace. Sexual remarks, off-color jokes, touching others in places or manners usually considered sexual, indecent exposure and other lewd acts, making romantic or sexual advances towards someone who is not interested, using sexuality as leverage against someone, or discriminating against people of a certain gender or sexual orientations can all be considered forms of sexual misconduct, and are widely considered both extremely problematic in the workplace and egregious violations of social mores and the rights of others.

What can you do if you are accused of sexual misconduct?

Due to the way society views incidents of sexual misconduct, even the accusation of these sorts of behaviors can have immediate adverse effects to a person’s reputation. Being accused of sexual misconduct can cause people to treat that person differently and make life more difficult and stressful, both at work and elsewhere. The accused can face social stigma, shame, prejudice and antagonism on hearsay and rumor alone.

It is important to remember that an accusation is not the same as proof, and that being charged with a sex crime is not the same as being convicted. If you are in this situation, you need to remember that you also have rights. The most important step you can take in the defense of those rights is to contact a veteran defense attorney and discuss your case.

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How can an attorney help you defend yourself against accusations of sexual misconduct?

If your reputation and livelihood is at stake because of an allegation of sexual misconduct, then your first step should be to retain an experienced criminal law specialist. The advice and legal knowledge of an experienced lawyer is invaluable in navigating the intricacies of criminal law, building a defense, compiling evidence, engaging law enforcement, and protecting your reputation.

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