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About DUI Education – SB 1176

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Individuals charged with DUI in California who are ultimately convicted must attend DUI School. This post-conviction requirement is a program of alcohol education ordered by California courts and/or the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). There are nearly 500 licensed DUI programs in California and typically, licensed providers conduct only in-person programs.

Most DUI programs will only allow a driver to enroll if the driver has either a court order or notice of a driver’s license suspension from the DMV. A driver must enroll in a DUI program if convicted of a DUI or “wet” driving offense. These include charges under:

Providers of DUI education programs must be licensed by the State of California. DUI classes offered over the internet do not meet the requirements for California’s DUI Programs. However, because of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, many providers are conducting all DUI school programs remotely. Participants should contact their court and the DMV to confirm whether an online program is accepted by the DMV.

In California, motorists charged with an offense under § 23152(a) or § 23152(b) may accept a plea bargain for a reduced charge known as a “wet reckless” violation, which involves drivers admitting to driving recklessly, but with some amount of alcohol (“wet”) in their bloodstream. Anyone convicted of a first-time California “wet reckless” offense must complete a twelve-hour SB 1176 program. This twelve-hour DUI school program for “wet reckless” defendants consists of six weekly two-hour classes. and focuses on reducing recidivism and alcohol awareness demonstrating the benefits of a life of sobriety.

Some features of learning in this class include:

  • Coping skills to help reduce alcohol use
  • The risks and dangers of intoxication from alcohol
  • California laws related to driving under the influence
  • Learning ways to cope with alcohol use, abuse, and addiction
  • Learning to make better lifestyle choices

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About DUI Education - SB 1176

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