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California Expungement FAQ, Part Two

Here is the second part of an article providing some answers to frequently asked questions about expungement.

*Can a felony be reduced to a misdemeanor?

Passed in November 2014, Prop 47 provides a three-year period, extended to Nov. 5, 2022, for reducing some felonies to misdemeanors.

*Is it difficult to expunge a criminal record?

No, especially when handled by a knowledgeable record-clearing attorney experienced in post-conviction matters. Former defendants simply have to file a petition and request the court for expungement. Seasoned criminal legal counsel can analyze an individual’s record to determine the defendant’s eligibility for expungement, conduct any necessary investigation or legal research, file all necessary paperwork and meet all required deadlines, and attend the expungement hearing to provide any necessary representation and assert the former defendant’s qualifications for relief.

*How long does an expungement take?

In most cases, a PC 1203.4 petition may be filed, heard, and resolved within just a relatively short time, one to two months. This varies by California county. If a petitioner is in the process of seeking employment at the time of petition the court for an expungement, we will do our best to expedite the procedure.

*What are the benefits of an expungement?

An expungement offers many significant benefits. Employers may not discriminate against a job applicant based on expunged convictions. It may be easier to obtain a state professional license. Expunged convictions may not be used to impeach the petitioner’s credibility when he or she testifies as a witness in court unless the individual is the defendant in the case. In some cases, an expungement may help a petitioner avoid some immigration consequences such as deportation.

*After expungement, can the conviction be denied?

Yes, in most cases. For applications to all private employers, petitioners may answer “No,” if asked whether they’ve ever been convicted of the expunged crime.

For over forty years, the Dolan Law Offices have provided Californians with post-conviction services that clear their criminal record to further solidify their future as productive, law-abiding members of the Coachella Valley community. The attorneys at the Dolan Law Offices are experienced in helping California residents clear their criminal records. Call us today at (760) 775-3739 or find out more online here.

California Expungement FAQ, Part Two

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