Domestic Violence

Did You Get Played? The Domestic Violence Arrest Can Be Confusing

By March 17, 2019 No Comments

If you have been accused of domestic abuse, you may be in a very confusing situation after a domestic violence arrest. While such instances can be terrifying for the victim, and battery on another person is an extremely serious matter—especially in true domestic violence cases—unfortunately, there are many ways today for false accusations (and other extenuating circumstances) to end up in arrests, along with innocent parties in jail.

No one wants to see a domestic violence case go without justice being served when another party has been hurt, but there is tremendous gray area in the domestic violence and abuse realm, and much more latitude for false accusations to take hold. Women are often protected in domestic violence situations no matter what, but in recent years, men’s groups have been speaking up more regarding this issue as reputations and lives can be ruined due to false claims and the expansive ‘fear of harm’ complaint.

Restraining orders and protective orders may abound too, and in some cases may be easy to get in something like a divorce case—again, damaging someone’s reputation when there may have been little grounds for such action, and especially during the all-too-typical difficult breakup. This is also a scenario where another party may be ‘played’ or manipulated all too easy in being provoked or set up, or with the other party bruising or scratching themselves to make it look as if they were victimized so the spouse or partner will be arrested. All these issues—and legal consequences—apply equally to gay and lesbian couples too.

Seeking expert legal advice from a skilled attorney like John Patrick Dolan is vital because there is so much at stake. If you are going through a difficult divorce, mediation may be out of the question if you have been accused or convicted of domestic abuse of any kind. You may be at the very short end of the stick in the rest of the legal proceedings as well, losing property, watching the other party in the case be given exclusive rights to your home temporarily or permanently, experiencing devastating loss of custody, and more.

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