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Driving Under the Influence & Facing Substance Abuse Issues

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In California drivers who are stopped with a blood-alcohol concentration of .08 or over may have substance abuse issues and are usually arrested and charged with driving under the influence. While in some cases they may be severe alcoholics who could even be driving while experiencing a blackout and have no judgment whatsoever, for many motorists with no prior record, the DUI is a shock; in fact, they may have driven for years after having two or three drinks at a bar, at dinner, or over at a friend’s house. What they do not realize is how high their BAC is at any given time after drinking alcohol. They may have even driven hungover to work some mornings after a night of partying and received a DUI on the way to work—again, this is not a surprise to law enforcement who see such scenarios play out every day, but it is a surprise to the driver being charged.

No matter what anyone’s relationship with alcohol is, it should not play a part with driving. Not only are they endangering themselves, but they are putting other people at risk too—and as we all know, drunk drivers are still responsible for far too many deaths, and often they are repeat offenders.

If you have been charged with a DUI, legal help is vital to your future. With a good defense, you may be able to fight the charges and even see them dismissed. During this time period though, it may be important to face your issues with alcohol and/or drugs head on. A large percentage of drivers who receive DUIs are fighting substance abuse issues and may be alcoholics who just don’t want to face a problem. You may have had other multiple consequences due to alcohol but have just gotten lucky up until now without being stopped or arrested.

One of the biggest red flags in addiction is suffering repercussions due to drinking, and a DUI is certain a glaring negative result from drinking. If someone was killed due to the incident, it can only be assumed there is a problem. Rehab is often a dirty word, and especially to those who have had long-term addiction issues and have functioned and gotten away with extensive bad behavior, but a DUI may signal the end of the road—and the time to enter a rehab facility. This could also help with getting the driver’s license back and being able to operate a motor vehicle again legally one day.

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