Drug-related charges

Drug Charges May Often Be Gang-Related

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Many different crimes in California tend to be gang related, and this is unfortunate for those who may have no connection to a gang at all but could be implicated or accused of such affiliations anyway. There are over a thousand gangs in Los Angeles alone, and many of these groups have been organized and known for decades. Gangs present an enormous crime problem for the state of California, with activities such as drugs and brutal violence commonly pointing toward them, along with robberies, arson, drive-by shootings, threats toward others, and grand theft.

Younger members are often enlisted into gangs, specifically designated for the role of pushing drugs. And while many may have a stereotypical vision of the drug dealer on the street, some of these kids may be trapped in very difficult, miserable lives, being compensated little, and forced to risk being arrested and charged with intent to sell. There may be a constant fight for survival, but for many younger gang members, life on the streets is easier than life at home. They may be so traumatized daily that leaving their biological families and then being exposed to drugs, shootings, and other crimes is hardly a shock.

Minors in the gang life experiences challenges many others could never fathom, and difficulties with law enforcement, arrests, and incarceration may follow throughout their lives. Issues with drugs, whether from minors or adults, may be gang-related in some cases; however, the evidence could be wrong, the person charged may be innocent, or they could even be in a gang but the drugs are not related to organized activity—rather, they are addicted to drugs and in possession, dealing, or stealing simply to supply their own habit. If they need and want to get clean, there is the possibility that an arrest could lead to

As a rule, however, many gangs are centered around selling drugs, and are deeply entrenched. They may be involved with cartels and wield a surprising amount of power—and this goes for the time they spend in prison too. There is some data that shows increased homicides are connected to this activity, and it makes sense as violence tends to occur when different factions have a beef, and that is often over some sort of betrayal, financial or otherwise.

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