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DUI Laws Tightening Up: Do I Get to Call an Attorney if I am Arrested for Drunk Driving?

2018 brought a significant increase in DUIs in California, and fatalities related to drunk driving. Thinking along the lines of other states like Utah, recent news shows that California politicians are lobbying for extremely strict blood-alcohol limits, as some hope to see it reduced all the way down to .05 percent (from .08 percent). This could mean less accidents, but also the possibility of more DUIs for drivers in California.

Police officers usually stop drivers exhibiting the following types of behavior:

  • Erratic driving, speeding, or driving too slowly
  • Weaving into the other lane
  • Running into objects
  • Hunching over the steering wheel, with face close to the windshield, due to vision impairment

If you have been stopped for a routine traffic violation after drinking alcohol, the officer may ask you if you have had anything to drink, and if you answered yes or seem unsteady, you may be asked to undergo a field sobriety test and submit to a breathalyzer test. If you decline to do these things, you will probably be arrested and taken to jail for a chemical test—and if you fail any of them in the field, you will also be arrested and taken to jail. The car is usually towed and then impounded, and expenses start adding up before you are even behind bars—to include having a bond set.

Call an experienced DUI attorney from a firm like the Dolan Law Offices if you have been arrested for driving under the influence. You should be given access to call your attorney after testing is finished or soon after when phone calls are allowed. If you do not call your attorney from the police station, call them as soon as possible to get the process rolling for your inevitable court date. Find out more about DUIs and associated costs here, in one of our recent blogs.

Drunk driving incidents are down significantly in past decades thanks to organizations like MADD and many different public safety programs, but it is still a substantial threat—even if other issues like texting and driving have taken unfortunate, but top billing, leading to fatalities, and injuries. Reckless driving, speeding, and driving under the influence still cause many car crashes though, whether involving other cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

If you been arrested for DUI, you need serious legal representation, and fast. And if you are worried that you may have a serious drinking problem and need help beyond the education offered in a DUI case, reach out for information regarding resources like Alcoholics Anonymous in your area, or other local support groups.

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