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Five Things to Know About Being on Parole in California

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If you have been in prison for any length of time, chances are you worked hard to get out on parole, leaving before the maximum amount of time you could have spent locked away. Like most parolees, you probably want to protect your freedom at all cost now. There are strict rules to follow though, and without keeping them in mind on a constant basis, you could find yourself in hot water again. Conditions of parole may vary depending on your previous history and last major offense, but all parolees have one thing in common: the need to avoid trouble in the future at all cost. Here are five things to know about being on parole in California:

  1. Your parole agent will need your permanent address, must be able to visit you at any time, and must be notified if you relocate. There could be other terms regarding your living arrangements too, depending on whether you are supposed to avoid contact with other individuals such as gang members or someone you may have been in an altercation with previously.
  2. The parole officer must be able to visit you at work as well as the home and have a general idea for the community you are living in; this is, of course, to assess the risk of your falling back into any criminal activity. If you start a new job or work at a different address, you must alert your parole officer within three days.
  3. You or your home can be searched at any time, and without your consent once you are on parole.
  4. Permission must be granted by the parole officer for you travel more than 50 miles away.
  5. Access to any weapons is prohibited, and while much of this rule revolves around guns, knives are prohibited too, along with any other weapons listed in the California Penal Code

While these are some of the basic points for parolees, it may seem like there are a lot of rules to memorize. Keep up appointments and required communications with your parole officer, and use common sense in staying out of trouble, and you should be back on your way to enjoying life as a productive member of society. If you do violate your parole somehow though or are being questioned, call for legal help immediately. Do not answer any questions or provide any details until your attorney arrives.

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