Gang-related crimes

Gangs in California: Residents May Grow Up Terrified

Whether you have lived in California your whole life, just moved there, or may even be a visitor for the long or short term, it is impossible to miss the footprint of gangs nearly everywhere. Graffiti marks the territories of many too, along with an obvious physical, and often frightening, presence on street corners.

Residents know which neighborhoods are safe, and which are not—and if they happen to live in a hot spot for crime, there are usually certain streets and businesses that are just completely off limits as they may not be owned by gangs financially, but in a more violent and territorial sense—and entering their zone can be a proposition that is hazardous to your well-being. Understanding such boundaries may seem complicated if you are new to a town or city, but for natives, it becomes second nature to avoid gang areas, and their instincts and street smarts are keenly honed to know when trouble might be brewing in their path.

Gangs often prey on innocent residents and business owners, establishing their own rules, and extorting individuals for regular sums of money in exchange for ‘protection,’ which means escaping physical violence in most cases, for cash. One of the biggest problems with gangs in our society, however, is their propensity for assimilating young people. Gang leaders and their underlings can be very aggressive about recruiting, and impressionable kids often want nothing more than to be cool, gangster style. Unfortunately, this usually leads to a life of drugs, crime, and time spent in jail or prison.

If you suspect your child may be involved in gang activity, it is critical that you deal with the issue head-on, attempting to divert them to healthier activities. If they have already been assimilated though and have been arrested in crime said to be gang-related, consult with an attorney as soon as possible, as this could have a long-lasting effect on their record, and future.

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