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Home Fire: Have You Been Accused of Arson?

By April 26, 2019 May 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Having a fire in your home is one of the scariest things that can ever happen. Not only is it a trauma that may be extremely hard to recover from, your home may be significantly damaged—or completely burned down—and you may have lost many or all your belongings. Due to so many of the prevalent types of materials in homes today, it can be difficult to have time to get out of a home on fire and you may have suffered severe injuries. Family members may have been wounded or even died. This is usually a very difficult time for anyone in a community, and the situation becomes exponentially more complicated if you have been accused of arson.

While there are many scenarios in which arson can be established, and often this revolves around a home that may have seemed to burn without reason, wildfires are often a result of arson too, many times set to cover up another crime. This is a sensitive subject in California, of course, where so many have been affected by wildfires—and as recent news points out, over half of these are caused by arson. Sometimes fatalities are involved, and the charges can escalate.

“Arson that causes an inhabited structure or inhabited property to burn is a felony punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for three, five, or eight years,” states California legislature. “Arson of a structure or forest land is a felony punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for two, four, or six years.”

In California, there is the chance you could be charged with either malicious or reckless arson, or far worse even, and be sentenced to jail time. This can be especially terrifying to consider if you are an innocent homeowner who filed an insurance claim and is now being investigated for fraud! Keep in mind that those types of cases are common and such investigations are often just a way to keep from paying out expensive claims; however, if you have been charged with arson, you need a skilled attorney from a firm like the Dolan Law Offices now.

Please call us now. We will listen carefully to your concerns, review your case, and offer advice based on many years of experience. John Patrick Dolan understands California’s complex criminal defense laws and our office will provide the experience you need to help you fight for your rights and best interests. Call us at (760) 775-3739 or contact us online as soon as possible.

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