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Hoping for Expungement? Understanding the Four Most Common Types

By September 10, 2019 No Comments

Have you decided it is time to clean up your record? Having any arrests or convictions on your record is detrimental to your employment opportunities and can impact other areas of your life such as housing.  California law is constantly changing regarding expunging prior crimes. Many laws involving marijuana and other drugs have become more relaxed. In addition, many crimes that used to be felonies are now misdemeanors. If you have convictions on your record, call Dolan Law Offices to consult with our Post Conviction division to see what options we may have to clean up your record.

The four most common types of convictions we can seek to expunge are as follows:

  • Convictions where the law has changed and the offense for which you are convicted is now a misdemeanor where it used to be a felony, or an infraction when it used to be a misdemeanor
  • Convictions eligible for expungement because enough time has passed that you have completed all of your terms of probation and paid all of your fines
  • Convictions where we may seek to obtain an early termination of probation for good cause such as an employer who cannot hire you due to your probationary status
  • Convictions, where the Court may determine that your circumstances have changed such that dismissal, is in the interest of justice

We also offer other Post Conviction services such as filing for a Certificate of Rehabilitation for non-expungable offenses. You may also seek to have an Arrest Record Sealed, as even an arrest that did not result in a conviction can present problems for you.

Expunging your record can take the fear out of a past mistake preventing you from obtaining your dream job. Expungement may give you the ability to say that you have not been convicted of a crime, opening many new doors and giving you tremendous peace of mind. At the Dolan Law Offices we can help you in exploring your eligibility for expungement

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