Gang-related crimes

Parents of Gang Members: Understand What Consequences Your Minor Child Could Face

By March 13, 2019 March 15th, 2019 No Comments

While California is lauded as an incredible place to live for so many reasons, with beauty in scenery, architecture (movie stars!), and a laid-back lifestyle topping the list, there are also some major downsides—and many are surprised to find that gang-related crimes and gang members can be one of the biggest reasons potential renters or homeowners decide to not to move there, or already live there and want to get out. While gang crimes have diminished slowly over the past couple of decades, serious criminal activity and murder is still a terrible reality, and far too much of it affects minors; in fact, over 100 kids are still killed each year due to gang violence. Child murders are usually related to gangs, and from 1987 to 2016, around 8,600 minors were killed.

Of course, much of this crime/murder is heaped on minors who are in gangs too, and the dangers are enormous. If your child has been inducted into a gang (they could be in elementary school, which makes this even more terrifying!) you are probably extremely worried about what to do. They may have succumbed to peer pressure, given in to the temptation of drugs and drug-related crime, or they may simply have joined due to the excitement of being in the gang atmosphere. Most parents turn to other parents in the area whose children may have joined gangs also, and then begin speaking to the school and other outlets for support; however, if your minor child has already committed a gang-related crime, the situation is much more complex, depending on what they have been accused of.

In many cases, gang labels and ‘gang-related crime’ assessments are overblown. There is the chance that your child may have broken the law and has no connection to a gang, and has no plans to join one; for others though, their gang affiliation is established, and the crime they are accused of could be serious, like robbery, drug trafficking, arson, murder, or another violent crime. Juveniles are offered more protection with due process today, but there is still a strong, and very helpful, focus on rehabilitation—rather than punishment for less crimes.

If your minor has been charged with a gang crime, call Dolan Law Offices as soon as possible. We have defended hundreds of adults and juveniles in these matters, with successful results—and it is very important to try and avoid a gang crime conviction that would be on your child’s record permanently, leading to further escalation if there were another charge in the future. Call us at (760) 775-3739 or contact us online as soon as possible.