Defending Our Clients with Addictions

Many of our clients accused of crimes are suffering from the disease of addiction. Sometimes the crime itself is related to the addiction, such as a DUI. Other times, clients behave in ways that are completely outside of their character due to the use of drugs and alcohol or gambling.

The substance abuse may result in domestic violence, assault, child neglect, burglary and theft crimes. Not surprisingly, a high percentage of clients seeking a defense attorney have substance use disorders.

Gambling addictions are prevalent in our area. These addictions can lead to overwhelming financial problems resulting in theft or fraud.

At Dolan Law Offices, we understand addiction.

Our Recovery Law team will work with you to find a solution that addresses both the criminal charges you are facing as well as the underlying reasons you face these charges.

We will meet with you to put together a recovery plan to help pull you out of the system while simultaneously managing your criminal case.

Our team has both personal and professional ties to the strong recovery community in the Coachella Valley and will work with you to put your life back on track.

We invite you to contact our offices to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Recovery Law team.

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The Recovery Remedies

Our resources include inpatient and outpatient treatment, sober living homes, sober coaches, medication assisted treatment, and twelve step meetings. If you are in custody, the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment program (RSAT), may be the right option for you.

While defending your case, we will meet with the District Attorney assigned to your matter as well as the Court to negotiate a resolution that is recovery based.

We often have our clients meet with our mitigation specialist who will prepare an in-depth psycho-social report about your family history and your addiction.

We want the Court and D.A. to see that you are far more than a criminal charge. You are a person with a disease who has unlimited potential if given the opportunity to recover.

We invite you to contact our offices to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Recovery Law team.

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The Legal Remedies

Our goal is always to keep you out of jail and to get you on the path to recovery.

Misguided prosecutors and even your own family members may argue that time in jail may be “just what you need” to finally come to your senses and get clean and sober. The high rate of recidivism amongst those with substance use disorders show otherwise.

Fortunately, education about addiction is making its way into the District Attorney’s Office and Judge’s chambers.

Resolution of your case may include accountability measures such as the Ignition Interlock Device, drug and alcohol testing, the SCRAM bracelet, and verification of meeting or therapy attendance.

Because Substance Use and Gambling Disorders are classified as mental health disorders, programs such as PC1001.36, Mental Health Diversion, can be an effective way to resolve your case and have your charges dismissed upon successful completion.

Other court ordered programs include PC1000, which may be appropriate if you are accused of possession of a controlled substance.

Prop 36 allows eligible, nonviolent drug offenders to serve their time in a drug treatment program in lieu of jail.

The eligibility and completion requirements for each of these programs are complex. We will evaluate your case and discuss all available options with you

We invite you to contact our offices to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Recovery Law team.

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