Gang-related crimes
June 24, 2019

California Gangs & Crime: Why Children Are So Vulnerable to Being Assimilated

Gangs run rampant in California, and while their numbers are still growing in other states—along…
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driving under the influence
DUI Defense
April 16, 2019

Driving Under the Influence: What to Expect if You are Pulled

Driving drunk is bad news anywhere, but especially in California as law enforcement officials have…
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drunk driving
DUI Defense
April 1, 2019

DUI Laws Tightening Up: Do I Get to Call an Attorney if I am Arrested for Drunk Driving?

2018 brought a significant increase in DUIs in California, and fatalities related to drunk driving.…
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March 20, 2019

Shoplifting May Point to Mental Health Issues

Even the smallest of ‘innocuous’ actions can be considered—and are—shoplifting. That tiny something at the…
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