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When a Weapon is Found in Your Car in California

Gun laws around the country are controversial—not to mention complex—and even if you are from California, you may not be completely up to date on what is and is not legal in terms of carrying a firearm on your person or in a vehicle. Transporting weapons in cars can be a tricky subject anywhere, but many gun owners prefer to keep their weapons with them, especially if they are constantly traveling through dangerous areas. This could be the case for you, and especially as gang activity continues to grow in so many areas in California, along with other types of crime. In carrying a weapon in your car, however, the idea is that you are merely transporting it from one place to another.

It may be perfectly legal for you to carry a gun in California, or your car, but it is not legal for you to have a loaded weapon on your lap, passenger seat, or nearby. A gun must not be concealed, but must be transported in a locked trunk or a locked case inside the car or truck—although a permit is not required to do so. Not only that, the ammunition must be kept separately. If you are carrying something unwieldy like a hunting rifle, the gun itself must be locked and transported unloaded. An important detail to note in these cases is that the gun cannot be placed in the car’s glove compartment or utility compartment in between the seats or one located in another area of the vehicle.

If you are stopped by law enforcement while driving in California, or any other state, alert the officer immediately to the fact that you have a weapon and let them know where it is in your vehicle. This will alleviate any concerns or complications, most likely if they ask to search your car for some reason or happen to realize you have a weapon in a surprised manner.

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