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Being arrested is not a joke. Hire a lawyer with experience you can rely on. We know that being arrested is a frightening experience. Police and prosecutors try to make you feel helpless and alone. If you are arrested or are being investigated on criminal charges, you need an experienced attorney.

Dolan Law Offices is ready to assist if you have been charged with a criminal offense. From petty theft or capital murder, we have the experience to handle whatever charge you are facing.

Since 1978 Dolan Law has successfully defended all types of charges, from traffic tickets to murder cases. Known and respected in the Desert’s courtrooms, Dolan Law is the criminal defense team you want on your side.

Contact us to schedule an opportunity to discuss your legal matter right away. Dolan Law Offices, in Indio, California, provides legal advice and representation for residents of the Palm Springs region and communities throughout the Coachella Valley.

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Domestic Violence

Have you or someone you love been arrested for assault and battery? Has a spouse, lover or cohabitant accused you of domestic violence or spousal abuse? Have you been served with a restraining order?


DUI Defense

At Dolan Law Offices we are proud to assist you in defending your rights and freedoms and can ensure that you are actively defended against harsh penalties and unfair treatments.


Violent Crimes

Individuals accused of violent crimes are those most in need of an advocate who will ensure their Constitutional rights are upheld. At Dolan Law Offices, we have defended hundreds of clients charged with violent crimes from Domestic Violence to Capital Murder.


Post Convictions

If you have been arrested or convicted of a crime, we can help you clean up your record. Our Post Conviction Services include sealing arrests, expunging convictions and Certificates of Rehabilitation.


Providing Calm Inside the Storm

Dolan Law Offices cannot guarantee the outcome of your case. The Courts, the Prosecutors, the Law Enforcement Agencies, and the witnesses in any particular case are outside our control. We do however, work tirelessly to influence all of the relevant parties. We are focused, receptive and understanding to our clients, we dedicate and exhaust all of our resources to settle your case and keep you out of jail time.

Call us for a free initial consultation at 760-775-3739 or directly to attorney Dolan’s cell 562-824-4007. We always go the extra mile for you.

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