Drug-related charges

How Drug Charges Are Affected by Legalized Marijuana

Although laws have been relaxed considerably in California regarding marijuana (and the trend grows around the US), with the legalization of medical marijuana and now recreational marijuana too, that does not mean that individuals have free reign to go wild by possessing it in unlimited amounts, starting a ‘farm’ in the backyard, or growing and selling with abandon. Medical users and recreational users alike have been very happy with the changes made regarding the laws overall as many different maladies can be addressed with cannabis, and recreational users are less stigmatized today.

While states like Washington, Colorado, and California may be known as much less uptight about marijuana use, it is still subject to heavy regulations, and the laws are very specific. If you are over 21, you may carry no more than one ounce of dried marijuana or eight grams of concentrated cannabis (also known as wax, shatter, dabs, and other terms). You may also grow six marijuana plants for personal use, but there is still some gray area as to whether outside propagation is allowed. This may vary between towns and cities who may pass local ordinances prohibiting you from growing in your yard. Other typical restrictions regarding marijuana are still in place: you cannot sell marijuana and you also cannot possess it with the intent to sell it later (often indicated by large quantities in possession).

Breaking the law regarding possession, growing, or selling of marijuana could result in serious fines and community service due to misdemeanor charges—but more serious illegal activity could result in county jail time or worse. Even as many records are expunged and those who may have been harshly prosecuted in the past are seeing charges reversed, the current laws must still be taken very seriously, and perhaps more than ever as law enforcement makes an example out of those who break the law regarding marijuana.

As with alcohol, it is also illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana, with testing available to law enforcement—many of whom have now attended additional educational courses to assist them in spotting stoned drivers as well as dealing with testing and arresting. DUI checkpoints may also be targeting high drivers in many cases, with special drug units on site. Penalties and costs are just as stiff as those associated with alcohol-related DUIs.

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