Federal law and California law both provide remedies for those who are the victims of police misconduct. Any lawsuit filed against a governmental entity may seek damages for any act of misconduct. A lawsuit may also request injunctive relief to prevent police misconduct in the future. An egregious demonstration of police brutality may also subject the perpetrator to criminal charges.

Victims may file a civil rights lawsuit pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1983, which allows claims to be asserted where the accused is liable for civil rights violated under color of law. Lawsuits under § 1983 permit injunctive relief and monetary damages. Injunctions from successful 1983 claims may result in substantial changes in the defendant’s law enforcement agency. The monetary damages from a Section 1983 claim may include compensatory damages, punitive damages, and presumed damages, which compensate plaintiffs for the loss of liberty from having their rights violated.

However, recovering monetary damages in a § 1983 claim and Bivens action requires overcoming qualified immunity. Qualified immunity is a defense that the police officer can raise. It protects them from having to pay monetary damages in a lawsuit if:

  • they did not violate someone’s constitutional rights, or
  • they did, but the right was not clearly established.

A § 1983 action may be filed against the officer who committed the misconduct, the police department, and/or the town, county, or municipality. In contrast, Bivens lawsuits may only be filed against federal agents such as FBI agents or DEA officers. Unlike § 1983 claims, Bivens claims may not be filed against the Department of Justice (DOJ) or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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Remedies for Police Misconduct

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