Any criminal charge, especially those in the context of domestic violence, has serious consequences. A good criminal defense attorney retained as soon as possible after a criminal charge is filed, may provide crucial benefits to the accused. Sometimes it is possible to stop criminal charges from ever being filed.

Experienced criminal defense counsel may be able to convince the prosecution not to pursue a criminal case or negotiate a more favorable plea bargain to a lesser charge. And if any of our clients ever need help, the caring criminal defense lawyers at the Dolan Law Offices will do their best to ensure that they receive any necessary treatment instead of jail time.

Some California criminal defense lawyers adopt a passive, reactionary approach when their clients are charged with crimes. They may wait until they receive the police report or just before the first court date until they begin investigating and building a case.

The attorneys at the Dolan Law Offices believe in an active, dynamic approach to criminal defense. Once an individual has been charged with a crime in California, time is of the essence. The most critical stage for defense counsel asserting and protecting the rights of clients may be the days immediately following an arrest or even before formal charges are filed by the prosecution. This aggressive, decisive approach to criminal defense is conducive to locating favorable evidence and witnesses and often yields tangible immediate results.

After the police make an arrest the evidence is presented to the county or district attorney. This evidence is evaluated and the prosecution then decides whether to file criminal charges. Typically, this decision is based entirely on the evidence presented by the police. At this stage of the process, early attorney intervention may prove invaluable in assuring a favorable outcome.

An experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney may meet with the prosecutor at this time and present evidence, witness statements, and any other information that may affect the filing of criminal charges. This allows the prosecution to see both sides of the case rather than just the side of the story presented by the police or the alleged victim.

This early attorney interaction and input may cause the prosecutor to decide to file lesser charges – a misdemeanor rather than a felony – or not to file any criminal charges.

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is crucial to defend any criminal charge. The advice, guidance, and representation of experienced criminal defense counsel may be crucial to achieving the best possible result in any criminal matter. John Patrick Dolan has forty years of criminal defense experience. Contact Dolan Law Offices today at 760-775-3739 or 562-824-4007 to discuss your situation or find out more online here.

The Benefits Of Early Attorney Intervention

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