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The Dolan Law Firm: We Defend And Help Those Accused Of Drug Crimes

The attorneys of the Dolan Law Offices defend those members of our community accused of committing drug crimes. The attorneys of the Dolan Law Offices also help those who are accused of committing drug crimes find solutions inside and outside the criminal justice system for treatment that provides effective, long-term results. The Dolan Law Offices in Indio, California provide legal advice and representation for residents of the Palm Springs region and communities throughout the Coachella Valley.

We all make mistakes. Most of us learn from them and make a sincere effort not to repeat them. Individuals charged with crimes no more serious than simple possession have clogged courts throughout America for several decades as they do in 2020.

Too many times these individuals receive punishment disproportionate to their crimes, while those with true substance abuse issues do not receive any treatment-based recovery solutions for their problems, only punishment. For clients struggling with addiction problems, the Dolan Law Offices offer unique assistance connecting clients to Proposition 36, PC 1000 pretrial diversion, drug court, or other treatment programs that are alternatives to incarceration.

And there is the conduct of law enforcement in situations involving what may be cases of simple possession. The police are not above the use of unreliable informants, defective warrants, and other illegal methods just to make an arrest, despite the accused being anything but a participant in a criminal enterprise – only a mere user.

For more than 40 years, John Patrick Dolan has held the police accountable for any misconduct, including unconstitutional searches andĀ search warrants, involving his clients, and made them pay for their malfeasance. Mr. Dolan has the knowledge and experience to get cases based on flawed evidence thrown out of court.

John Patrick Dolan has over 40 years of experience defending Californians accused of crimes ranging from simple possession to DUI to homicide. Mr. Dolan has also honored a commitment to helping those Californians who have made past mistakes permanently move forward through expungement and other post-conviction remedies. Andrea Bouchard has successfully represented an ever-growing amount of local Coachella Valley clients performing criminal defense work in Riverside County.

Mr. Dolan and Ms. Bouchard have developed trusting relationships with judges, prosecutors, probation officers, and court staff throughout Riverside County and surrounding areas. We represent clients in all misdemeanor or felony narcotics charges.

The attorneys at the Dolan Law Offices may help any Californian obtain the best possible result in his or her criminal matter. John Patrick Dolan is a California State Bar Certified Specialist in Criminal Law. Certification as a Specialist in Criminal Law is the highest achievement awarded by the State Bar of California to attorneys in the field of criminal law. The attorneys at the Dolan Law Offices have decades of experience defending individuals charged with drug possession, domestic violence, DUI, and violent felonies. Call us today at (760) 775-3739 or find out more onlineĀ here.

The Dolan Law Firm: We Defend And Help Those Accused Of Drug Crimes

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