Drug-related charges

Can I Still Get Busted for Weed in California?

The laws may have loosened up significantly in California regarding marijuana these days, but don’t get too carried away just yet. While both medical and recreational use of marijuana is now ‘legal,’ there are serious limits to possession (and intent), usage, and growing. And although the attitude regarding weed may seem much more relaxed, this is no time to become careless! Law enforcement may be tolerating new laws put into effect recently but make no mistake: they are more vigilant than ever about enforcing specific laws regarding marijuana (and other drugs and alcohol), along with watching for drivers who may be driving under the influence of marijuana with the potential to cause harm to other motorists, bicyclists, or pedestrians.

You can indeed still get busted due to possession of marijuana if you are carrying more than one ounce of dried marijuana or more than eight grams of concentrated cannabis (wax, shatter, etc.) on your person. Laws pertaining to intent to sell and trafficking still apply too, bringing on more severe penalties, while most result in misdemeanors that could include county jail time, community service, or fines.

Whether you are a patient who uses medical marijuana for any number of conditions, or a recreational user, you may be enthused about the idea of growing marijuana in your home without repercussions. Many users are discouraged about the idea of having to grow inside, investing in equipment and using extra electricity, when the use of sunshine for growing marijuana is free outside. There may be restrictions however, so before you start a whole new type of ‘garden’ in your yard, with outside growing becoming more controversial as neighbors may take issue, and many towns and cities now actually have ordinances against ‘back-yard growers.’

If you have previous marijuana charges in your background, you may also be able to have them expunged. No longer just a dream for many, it is true that the transformative new laws may relieve you of previous convictions—but you may not even have to ask as the Department of Justice is now handed the task of reviewing records in California themselves and noting which convictions should be dismissed or re-designated, with the process to be completed soon. Find out more about this in our blog, ‘California: Will New Marijuana Laws Allow My Record to Be Expunged?

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